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The more you know! - it was great when it all began...
stay sane inside insanity
The more you know!
I am trying to learn:
--to bear suffering patiently, hopefully, and lovingly
--to approach everyone in humility and meekness but not without the inherent dignity granted to every human being
--to avoid excessive melancholy
--how not to ruminate on the perceived wrongs of others and instead see where a wrong of my own may have led me to see things in this light and then ammend it
--how to appropriately and lovingly point out the legitimate faults of others without cheapening their correction or putting myself on a pedestal
--to actually do things that I know I should when I know I should do them
--how to get a hold on my over-active imagination, because sometimes it scares me a little
--how to make decisions promptly, and then carry them out
--how to better love and be loved
--did I mention avoiding excessive melancholy?

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