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Beeraholz - it was great when it all began...
stay sane inside insanity
It's hard for me to tell when I'm drinking too much booze (in a more general sense--not necessarily at one sitting) because I'm a lightweight and because I'm not sure what the social norms (aside from the excesses contained therein) are, and possibly also partly because I have been socially conditioned to see drinking as often if not always implying more than one drink, which is obviously not always true. So I'm like, I had a margarita last night, should I have one tonight also? I think I will.

Happy New Year, everyone.

I've been posting a lot on my other journal, but my New Year's Resolution is not to post more than once a day and I already have. Really, I should include this journal, but I'll let it slide for now since I haven't been here in a while and probably won't again for another while.

I confessed to a Franciscan friar today! It was cool because he was awesome and because I was geeking out at the fact that he's a Franciscan cuz that's old school like whaaaaaat? Also he was just awesome.

I haven't been working on my thesis because my netbook is infected like whoa, as in my friend Bethanaeus found more than 30 things that definitely should not be on there...dunno what I'm gonna do about that

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